Introducing DRAX:

Digital Rotating Automated X-Ray Camera

DRAX revolutionises the way submarine cabling and cable joints are x-rayed and inspected in marine and factory environments. DRAX is our new Digital Rotating Automated X-Ray camera which enables inspections of cabling and cable joints in minutes not hours. 

  • A live-stream feature enables detailed investigation in real-time
  • Fully automated, reducing human intervention
  • Removes the need for film, development and hazardous chemicals
  • Share results in minutes with colleagues throughout the world, whether on or offshore
“With DRAX, X-Ray inspections take us minutes not hours.”

Redefining Productivity



DRAX creates accurate assessments instantly, saving hours, days and weeks of factory and vessel time.



Portable, robust and simple to use, DRAX is a next-generation X-Ray system future-proofed to new technology.



As a digital system, DRAX removes the need for expensive film and storage and disposal of hazardous materials, with the benefit of being able to share results in minutes from ship to shore.


Drax X Ray Camera

Who is DRAX for?

Cable Joint Inspection


Cable manufacturers who want to streamline quality assurance and production efficiency.



Cable installation ship owners who want to reduce downtime and inefficiency due to lengthy analogue inspection processes.



Cable maintenance and repair ship owners who want to rapidly identify issues and save costly vessel time.


Next Generation Features



100% automated, digital image capture reducing human intervention.



Live-stream inspection feature for detailed real-time investigation.



Fully compliant with USA Cabinet X-Ray Standard 21 CFR 1020.40




X-Ray Inspection

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DRAX Spec Sheet